Loftin Oysters Indiv.

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  • CERAMIC STONEWARE. Ceramic shells are safe and easy to cook with because the organic clay compounds are designed specifically to withstand high oven temperatures and direct flame
  • MULTIPLE COOKING OPTIONS. Great for both gas and charcoal grills. Also, great for ovens. Bake, broil, stuff and smoke to your heart’s desire. Use already shucked oysters OR OTHER SEAFOOD you want chargrilled. Think buttery, chargrilled shrimp, scallops and clams! And add your favorite seasonings. Perfect for entertaining and individual sized serving
  • EACH SHELL IS UNIQUE. They are molded from real oyster shells, thus the shape and size vary. On average, each shell can hold around 1/4 c liquid (such as a sauce) or 1/2 c in topping or stuffing ingredients, such as a bread crumb mixture
  • EASY TO CLEAN. Clean with a green scrub pad and hot water to remove food buildup and place in the dishwasher on your normal cycle. With proper care your oyster set should last as long as your regular plate ware