ICON 9" Crepe Pan

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The ICON 9.5" Crepe Pan is the ideal pan for making delectable crepes, omelets, eggs, and even steaks as its low sides allow spatulas to slide under food easily. ICON cookware features the same properties of traditional cast iron but is 30% lighter in weight and a features stay-cool handles. These pans are specifically designed to sear, fry, saute, and bake in high temperatures up to 800 degrees F. ICON cookware pans contain an iron core for high heat retention and even heat distribution to prevent hot spots from forming for superior tasting meals. The pan's naturally nonstick surface is specifically designed to not rust, peel, or flake during its lifetime. ICON cookware prevents harmful chemicals from leaching into your food, producing a pure taste and healthy meal you desire. Crafted in Indiana, USA. Product code F9009-1.   All About ICON ICON Cookware is designed to sear, roast, fry, sauté, and bake in extreme temperatures up to 800 degrees F. The pan's incredibly durable surface prevents harmful chemicals from leaching into your food and compromising the taste of your meals. Crafted in the USA, ICON Cookware is beautifully crafted gourmet cookware that's designed to create exceptional-tasting meals inside your home. ICON Cookware offers all of the benefits of traditional cast iron, but with low-maintenance care. Read more Product Features Incredibly Durable The name ICON stands for Iron, Carbon, Oxygen, and Nitrogen. Together, these elements create a pan that is nine-times harder than steel, and this allows them to cook in extremely hot temperatures up to 800 degrees F. Chefs may also cook with metal utensils without having to worry about the surface from rust, cracking, flaking, or chipping overtime. The same coating technology is used throughout the pan to prevent them from scratching delicate cook tops and countertops. Minimalist Design ICON Cookware features a simple, yet stylish design that will look great with every kitchen decor. The stainless steel handles not only showcase a sleek design, but they are ergonomic and help in providing a dependable grip while you cook. Designed with cooks in mind, ICON Cookware is beautifully designed to look great, store easy, and create exceptional tasting meals.