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No harm done … That pot is hot! Not so much – well, not at all when your hands are adorned with the KitchenGrips FLXaPrene Chef’s Gloves by Cuisipro, the heat that is. Even at higher temperatures, 482°F in fact, the gloves provide safety with noticeable, long-lasting comfort with every pot or pan handled. It’s what lies between that truly matters: the unique FLXaPrene material and improved insulation boldly stands between your hands and the heat source, preventing any form of burns or injuries of any kind. A material, such as this, also prevents stains, as well as bacteria, of any kind from settling permanently into the fibers of the gloves to keep them looking and smelling as good as they should. So, firmly grab hold of that oven sheet covered in gooey chocolate chip cookies with both hands and carefully move it to a good spot. When it comes to cooking and baking, slipping is the worst-case scenario. But here, that’s less likely to happen, thanks to the non-slip grip design of the mitts. No, not just for dry, hot surfaces; what's more is that the gloves have all-around protection, including boiling liquids, repelling water away instead of absorbing. Like with any dish in the kitchen, the dishwasher is totally safe to use to clean the gloves, at least when placed on the top shelf. For any cook, the hands are the most important tool in the kitchen for stirring ingredients, handling dishes, and more. So, from now on, treat them well with the Cuisipro KitchenGrips FLXaPrene Chef’s Gloves. Be well, cook well!

Cuisipro KitchenGrips FLXaPrene Chef’s Gloves Features:

  • Made with FLXaPrene material – flexible and comfortable
  • Improved insulation – raised nubs give more, and safer, insulation
  • Repels water to prevent burns from steam or liquid
  • Stain-resistant fibers
  • Non-slip grip – raised nub surface for a better, safer grip
  • Extendable cuff - added protection
  • Dishwasher safe – top shelf recommended
  • Heat-resistant up to 482°F
  • Red & black
  • Includes 2 gloves