BT Dual Probe Therm./Timer

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Whether you are cooking a family dinner or preparing a feast, this CDN Bluetooth Dual Probe Thermometer & Timer will make your life in the kitchen easier. Ideal for roasts, meat, candy making, deep frying, and barbeque, this thermometer includes a magnetic base and two probes with dual function and dual progress display to meet many needs at once.

Simply connect your IOS or Android device to this thermometer and have access to remotely controlling and monitoring cooking times, temperatures, and more. Anticipation feature tells you when food will be done. You can select your own alert sound and time up to 10 events at once. You can also keep track of cooking history with graphic chart, image, and personal notes and share via email or social networks.

Your new CDN Bluetooth Dual Probe Thermometer & Timer will help you keep track of temperatures and times, multitask in the kitchen, and digitally share with your friends and family.